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golf tournaments

18 years of experience in coordinating and directing golf tournaments.

From South Florida to Middle Tennessee we have worked on numerous events for multiple non-profit organizations and corporate clients. Please take a look below at some of the options available for golf events with us.
Customer/Employee Appreciation Golf Tournaments
Corporate Golf Tournaments
Charity Golf Tournaments
Full Event Management (Full Time/Pricing Available)
Event Consultant (Part Time/Pricing Available)
  • All registrations, sign ups and sponsorship payments sent to one address for accurate bookkeeping

  • Assure that all invoices pertained to the event are forwarded to the host and paid in a timely manner

  • Order and track all items for event (goody bags, tee gift, prizes, promo materials, signage, etc.)

  • Create goody bag model for each participant

  • Coordinate all volunteers and their day of procedures

  • Keep spreadsheets of all contacts, sponsors and participants from the event for hosts records

  • Create a spreadsheet for the budget for host's records

  • Silent Auctions Services (Managed Option)

  • Keep the host updated on a regular basis of tournament/event progress

  • Coordinate the post event cleanup and storage of all event materials

  • Draft a summary of the events hits and misses to be discussed at event wrap up meeting and also used during preparations for the following year's event

start-to-finish services:
  • Create an entry form/event brochure with all golf, sponsor, organization and entry info on it

  • Draft letters for donations, sponsors and volunteers to be sent out on behalf of event

  • Help solicit companies for possible sponsorships and participants

  • Work to retain previous sponsors, participants and volunteers

  • Coordinate all contract negotiations between vendors, venues, sponsors, and host, etc.

  • Be the liaison for the event for everyone involved (Including: participants, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, organizations, etc.)

additional services provided:
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